Amesbury Loses One Of Its Own

Sammy Dunford.

On Friday May 17th Amesbury lost 'one of its own' as the funeral took place at Amesbury Methodist Church of Sammy Dunford. Over 200 mourners attended the over- crowded church to show their respect for the life of Sammy, who was born in Chaplin's Cottage, (now demolished), where Chaplin's Place now stands off Salisbury Road Amesbury in March 1939. Chaplin's was a removal company which was later taken over by Pickfords.

Having been born in an area surrounded by removal men, it was no surprise that eventually along with his brother Ivor and son Simon, that Sammy was part of Dunfords Removals which operated in Amesbury for over 30 years.

Sammy was part of a large family, having been one of six children himself, Sammy and his wife Lezma who he had met when he was just 19 years of age also went on to have six children, all boys; Alan, Michael, Tony, Simon Neil and Tim. Like their Dad the boys are respected members of the Amesbury community.

Sammy, throughout his long life was a man who had only two loves apart from his family football and brass band music. As a football lover Sammy followed Southampton F.C. and his local team Amesbury F.C. to whom he was president for many years. Sammy's love and enthusiasm for brass band music led to his sons following in his interest to such a degree that four of them at some stage in their lives played in local brass bands. Sammy was most proud when Alan and Michael played in a local Regimental Band, and he also followed Shrewton Silver band too. It was as a mark of the respect that the Shrewton Silver Band played so movingly in the church at Sammy?s funeral service, as Sammy had for some time been their Vice President.

Sammy was also the standard bearer for the local Royal British Legion. A stalwart in the local community, Sammy will be sadly missed. An Amesbury man through and through.

Posted: 12 June, 2024

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