Amesbury Neighbourhood Plan

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A Neighbourhood Plan is a mechanism for helping communities, including both local residents and businesses, influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. It can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for the parish
  • Propose where new development should be delivered
  • Identify and protect important local green space
  • Influence how new development should be designed

Why are we calling for sites?

Policy 36 of the emerging Wiltshire Local Plan indicates that the likely housing requirement for Amesbury will be 50 dwellings. It should be noted that this figure is yet to be confirmed. The Amesbury Neighbourhood Plan will allocate sites to meet this requirement.

This is an opportunity for landowners, developers and the community to propose available sites within the Parish of Amesbury. This exercise will not in itself decide whether a site would be supported or allocated for development by the Neighbourhood Plan nor will it commit the proposer(s) to apply for planning permission. All sites will be considered through an objective and transparent site assessment and site selection process.

If you want a site to be considered by the Neighbourhood Plan, we would like to hear from you. The sites need not be in your ownership if you have a responsibility for managing them and they can be proposals for a wide range of development uses. (In this context, the term ‘development’ applies to any use of land within the boundaries of the parish: e.g. for housing, sport and recreation, community uses, public utilities, and business premises).

Any site proposed must be:

  • Available for development at any point between now and 2038; and
  • Be both suitable and achievable for the purpose the site is being proposed for

The form and more information is available on the Amesbury Town Council Website or by emailing

The final date for form submissions is 29 February, 2024

30 January, 2024

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