Amesbury-Boscombe Down Link Scheme

Registered Charity No. 1064561

Amesbury - Boscombe Down Link Scheme

We need your HELP!

Amesbury-Boscombe Down Link Scheme

Since April 1996 the Amesbury Boscombe Down Link Scheme Volunteers have been providing transport and help to the people of Amesbury, Boscombe Down and surrounding area. In this time we have responded to 36,000 requests and driven over 750,000 miles taking people to hospital & doctors appointments, Alzheimers and other day centres and helped people with their shopping. Everyday activities that many would have struggled to attend or do without the Links helps.

Sadly this service is at risk of closure unless we recruit more Committee Members to manage and administer the group. In recent years the Committee has halved in size and those left are rapidly aging with nobody ready to take over when remainder have to leave. To guarantee continued operation we urgently need people to join us with a view running the scheme in the not to distant future. All roles are needed, i.e. Chair, Treasure, Secretary and others. Most of the work can be done at home in hours to suit.

Amesbury-Boscombe Down Link Scheme

Can you help us, or do you know someone who can?

If so please get in touch.

We also need drivers if you have some spare time.

Remember, without the continued operation of this service many people will struggle to get to important appointments and treatment.

Posted: 22 February, 2024

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