Business vCards with QR Codes

Business Card Example with a Dynamic QR Code on the front
Business Card Example with a Dynamic QR Code on the front

What are vCards?

A vCard is an electronic business card that is accessed from a Dynamic QR Code that can be placed on the front or the back of a traditional business card.


  • Choose your colour scheme
  • Your logo
  • Your photo - optional
  • Your business address & phone number
  • Google map showing your business location
  • Contact form
  • Business hours
  • Social Media links
  • Private contact information - optional
  • Dynamic QR Code

What is the difference between a Dynamic QR Code and a Static QR Code?

  • Dynamic QR Codes point to a web address and the content can easily be changed quickly and easily at any time
  • The content produced from a Static QR Code can't be changed once it has been made

How to use

The two best ways are:

  • 1) Point the camera of a smart phone at a QR Code
  • 2) Use specialist software with extra features such as TeaCapps to point at a QR Code

If you get your clients to scan your card the information will be retained in their phone for future use so it matters less if they lose your business card!


Just £80.00 for a whole year & renewable!

Ordering & View Example

Hit the button below see an example and to order securely online from our website.

Posted: 12 March, 2024

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